Seth is a highly analytical, client-focussed cybersecurity strategist with proven success in improving technical security postures by delivering customised compromise assessment, threat hunting, incident response, and digital forensic services. Experienced in end-to-end incident management, from initial scoping, planning, and team task delegation to evidence gathering, data analysis, and detailed reporting, Seth has years of experience assessing, translating, and communicating technical data for diverse technical and non-technical audiences. He continually identifies opportunities for expanding service portfolios and optimising service delivery. Seth leverages his IT background while overseeing network, web-based application, system, and database assessments, ensuring well-documented, unambiguous client recommendations for handling and preventing future security incidents. He builds, trains, and mentors agile incident response and digital forensic teams well versed in industry best practices.

Create a Personal Forensics Lab Part 5: The Windows 7 Workstations

By this the fifth instalment of the ‘build your own lab’ series, the lab already resembles this network diagram (or should, anyway): As the title suggests, it’s time to install the Windows 7 workstation(s). Workstation Configuration During the installation, Windows asks for a user name and a Computer Name. Enter these to save a step […]

Build Your Own Forensics Go-Bag

Everyone has their own take on the components which make up a basic DFIR go-bag for when that inevitable call from a client comes. I always have with me a small collection of devices and boot USBs which I think are useful in most cases, mostly because I’ve found myself in situations where any of […]

Vultr and Virtio Part 2 – Creating Your Custom VM

At this point, you have already created your custom Windows ISO and are now ready to use said ISO to spin up a VM. Deploy Your Windows Server Login to your Vultr account From the Servers area, click Deploy New Server: Choose any server location you desire Under Server Type, select Upload ISO and then the ISO which you […]

Vultr and Virtio Part 1 – Creating a Custom Windows ISO

In the past, I’ve had difficulty creating Windows virtual machines with Vultr and other VPS providers which require the creation of a custom ISO that includes the virtio drivers. To remedy this, I decided to write a how-to on the process, so I’d be able to follow it again in the future. Hopefully, others will find […]