Cybersecurity for Small Networks

Cybersecurity for Small Networks is a straightforward guide to improving network security whether you’re running Linux, Windows, or macOS.

Before writing this book, I wanted to rebuild my home network so that it was more secure and easier to manage. No Starch Press were kind enough to work with me to create this book which aims to lead the reader through doing just that: taking their home or other small network from zero to secure with relative ease.

Having someone else enforce a deadline really helped me to get started and stay on track. If nothing else, I hope that others find the book useful as a place to start their cybersecurity journey. With the projects in the book, readers will increase their network security and their understanding of security tools and methodologies. With any luck, you’ll go on to read other blogs and books by publishers like No Starch Press and continue your security education, continuing to improve your expertise and skills over time.

The book is available from the following (among others, I’m sure):

No Starch Press:


Amazon Australia:

Penguin Random House:


If you do pick up a copy, please leave a review (Amazon, GoodReads, etc.). If there’s enough interest, maybe they’ll let me write a second edition sometime in the future.

NB: No Starch Press have posted an errata page, some of the hardware used in the book has since been replaced by the manufacturer. However, suitable replacements are available, and are cheaper than those used as examples in the book (the risks of publishing a physical book 🤷). The page can be found here:

What Would Improve a Second Edition of the Book?

If you’ve bought or otherwise read the book, please use this form to let me know what you’d like to see in a second edition, if one were to be published. I’m keen to hear your thoughts on how to make the book even better.

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